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Our ADR Services

Definitive ADR Provides Mediation, Arbitration and Other ADR Services to Resolve Conflict and Disputes

Our ADR Services

  • Services – John Comrie KC, FCIArb is available to resolve conflict and disputes.
  • Experience – With claims arising in labour and human resource disputes, including interpretation of collective bargaining agreements and employment related statutes and case law relative to such issues as the duty to accommodate, privacy rights and human rights and business, personal injury, construction, real estate development and family law matters that have already turned or could possibly turn litigious.
  • Expertise – Working in disruptive workplace conflict in schools, colleges and universities amongst both academic and administrative staff.
  • Resolution – Conflict and disputes resolved constructively and confidentially.
  • Location – Services provided on-site or in neutral third party locations retained for the occasion in Canadian or U.S. or international locations.
  • International – Significant international experience in cross-cultural dispute resolution in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Far East as well as North and South America including Eastern and Western Canada, as well as the U.S. States of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama and Texas.
  • Other – ADR services such as conciliation, negotiation and neutral expert analysis also available (This last service allows party’s access to an authority who will render an expert opinion and Definitive ADR will manage the process to insure it finalized efficiently and effectively.)
We build bridges in all conditions regardless how cold the climate has become.

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